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Locations and Directions

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How To Get Services (Appt/Walk-In)

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All specialist referrals must come from the Primary Physician. Therefore, please make an appointment with your Primary Physician first, so he/she can make a proper diagnosis and recommend you to a specialist.%%

Hours of Operation

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Languages Available

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Ex. Nurse Advice Line

The Nurse Advice Line gives patients and families after hours access to medical information and advice. Call 1-855-602-8148 weekdays from 5 pm to 8 am and 24 hours a day on weekends The Nurse Advice Line provides:

  • Registered nurses who can answer questions, provide self-care advice and help you decide if you need to be seen right away.
  • Help with chronic conditions such as diabetes or asthma.
  • Help to get you to the right place if you have an urgent medical need.%%

**Not Offered


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