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  • Berkeley Public Library: Check out the Berkeley Public Library's database of community resources: The Berkeley Information Network (BIN) Here is a list of the BPL's emergency meals, shelters, drop-in centers, and showers
  • The Tag Cloud: On the left column of this page (below the toolbox section), you will see a Tag Cloud. It is a useful way to search for community resources based on page tags. For example, if you are looking for an organization in Oakland, you can click on the word Oakland in the Tag Cloud. To see the entire Tag Cloud click on any word in the cloud; it will take you to a new page listing all of the resources tagged with that word as well as the entire Tag Cloud on the right side of the page. The more pages that are tagged with a word, the larger the size of that word in the Tag Cloud.


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Try this resource finder!!
Check this HEALTH CENTER RESOURCE FINDER to find referrals in other areas!!

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Also check out the "tag cloud" on the left! Probably has more info by location.
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