Shelters and Housing



All services in Berkeley, compiled by the city. There is also a Shelter Plus Care Program for those who are chronically homeless (but there are very strict requirements for eligibility).
Free meals and shelter, compiled by Berkeley Public Library. Includes a few Oakland places; animal shelters; updated in 2014.


  • HEPPAC Casa Segura. Has showers, laundry, meals. M: 12:30- 4pm, T-Th: 10-4, F: 10-3.
  • There’s a shelter in Oakland that’s open when the weather is wad (so when it’s raining and when it’s really cold), 5559 16th St. Street, phone # 510-238-5091, it’s first come, first serve (They are open from 7PM - 7AM)
  • Ariel Outreach Mission. Call (510) 978-5844. For women, women and children only, (transwomen unsure?). Has not turned anyone away but may be super late to hear back.


  • Bay Area Rescue Mission. (Website) Emergency Shelter for men, women and children. Call (510) 215-4868 for men's shelter and (510) 215-4860 for women's and children's shelter. OR call the Berkeley shelter hotline. OR arrive by 6:00pm.
  • Greater Richmond Interfaith Program. (Website) Case Management Mon - Fri 9am - 5pm. Hot meals: everyday 11:30-12:45pm. Provides intensive case management, family shelter, veteran housing, alcohol and other drug/linkage services.

San Francisco

  • 3-1-1 90-Day Shelter Waitlist for a 90-day shelter bed in SF. Call 415-701-2311 to get added to the waitlist.


A list of HUD approved housing counseling agencies.!!!!


The following places don't operate housing, but offer referrals:

  • 2-1-1. If you don't live in Alameda County and want information on services in Alameda County, call toll-free: 888-886-9660. Outside California, call 510-727-9560.
  • Center for Independent Living: Housing Referrals for Disabled Persons, 2539 Telegraph Avenue, Berkeley, (510) 841-4776.
  • Multi-Agency Service Center (MASC), 1931 Center Street, Berkeley, Housing counseling workshops on Wednesdays, 10:00 a.m. (510) 843-3700.


The following places offer help to find housing:

1) Eastmont Self-Sufficiency Center (part of Eastmont Wellness Center), 6955 Foothill Blvd., Suite 100, Oakland, CA 94605, at (888) 999-4772 or (510) 383-5300
2) Alameda County Social Services, 24100 Amador Street, Hayward, CA 94544, at (510) 670-6000

For more info, call EOCP directly at (510) 532-3211.

San Francisco

  • Bill Sorro Housing Program offers counseling, application and advocacy services to help clients who live in SF find permanent housing. They work with clients who already have low to moderate income (but may not be as helpful for those with no income). They have a housing drop-in clinic every Tuesday from 10 am – 12 pm and 1:30 pm – 4 pm at the address below.

Bill Sorro Housing Program
Veterans Equity Center
1010 Mission Street, Suite C
San Francisco, CA 94103

  • Compass Connecting Point Compass connects homeless families with children to all family housing shelters in SF. Services are available to families who are currently experiencing homelessness or who may be homeless in ~6 months.
  • Homeless Prenatal Program HPP offers counseling on housing in the SF Bay Area to people who are pregnant or families with children 17 years or younger. Must register with them by calling 510-567-5700 or stopping by 6955 Foothill Blvd, Oakland, CA 94605 during the registration hours below.

Monday & Thursday
9:00 – 10:00 AM

Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday
1:00 – 2:30 PM

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