HPV and genital warts
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screening: blood test is antibody test, so doesn't mean anything, just whether or not you've been exposed to it.
physical exam is the true test of whether or not you have it….there's no cure but a lot of people can clear it.


  • Berkeley Public Health Clinic, 830 University Ave, 510-981-5350, MTTh, 8-11 am. 2-4 pm, need to have an appointment.
  • Planned Parenthood Mar Monte. Multiple locations throughout the Bay Area, 510-300-3800 for more information or to schedule an appointment. Planned parenthood and HPV: so to screen, they will do a pap smear, and will do a vaccination. HOWEVER, they don't offer this service to people with penises! Sliding Scale, takes Medi-Cal and some private health insurance. Out of pocket cost for HPV screen and vaccination ranges from $210-$280.

Genital Warts

  • AHF Wellness Center has cryotherapy treatments for genital warts. Location at 238 East 18th St., Oakland, CA 94606, (510) 251-8678, M-F 2-6:30 pm.
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