Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV1 & HSV2)

Herpes Testing

Testing for herpes is done either through a blood test or by swabbing a lesion.
One useful starting place to find a clinic at a certain location is at https://gettested.cdc.gov/ (which has cool filters!!) or YouthAidsCoalition

For Oakland STI testing locations, follow this link: http://www.youthaidscoalition.org/std-testing-in-oakland-ca.html
For Berkeley STI testing locations, follow this link: http://www.youthaidscoalition.org/std-testing-in-berkeley-ca.html
For San Francisco STI testing locations, follow this link: http://www.youthaidscoalition.org/std-testing-in-san-francisco-ca.html

Or refer to Planned Parenthood!!
There are some caveats to Planned Parenthood- it can still turn out to be rather expensive, so it may be helpful to first check in with the client if they are interested in Planned Parenthood referrals. Also, they are going to be first talking to a call center- they will ask for address and phone number! If client doesn't have one, have them ask to be routed directly to the center where they want services to set up the appointment.

  • Ann Chandler Public Health Clinic also offers herpes testing, but only swabbing from open sores, similar to ours. (Although perhaps not first outbreak only). Monday, 8-11 am and drop in from 1-3 pm. Tuesday, 8-11 am and 1-3:30, Thursday, 10-12 am and 2-5 pm and the first Saturday of the month from 11-2:30. Call them at 510-981-5350

About the blood test

There's a reason why not a lot of clinics don't offer herpes blood testing, unfortunately. It is unreliable for several reasons.

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