Sexual Health

STD Testing

One useful starting place to find a clinic at a certain location is at or YouthAidsCoalition

Or refer to Planned Parenthood!!
There are some caveats to Planned Parenthood- it can still turn out to be rather expensive, so it may be helpful to first check in with the client if they are interested in Planned Parenthood referrals. Also, they are going to be first talking to a call center- they will ask for address and phone number! If client doesn't have one, have them ask to be routed directly to the center where they want services to set up the appointment.
Planned parenthood does do some primary care stuff, which Hep B for instance would fall under. The cost for an appointment would be 85-200 dollars (depending on income/insurance), and any additional labs and etc. would be added on top of that.

Here is a useful chart with STD testing window periods:

By Services

By Location



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