Street Level Health Project


An free, "international" clinic that can provide basic health needs and support, best suited for immigrants, international individuals, and people whose first language is not English. They provide general checkups (wellness screenings), wellness (herbalism, nutrition, stress, etc), health navigation, mental health support groups, and social service navigation assistance.
Note that each "clinic" or function has different details such as hours (see below).

Cost and accessibility

FREE regardless of documentation, insurance status, gender, sexual orientation, etc!


Phone: (510) 533-9906
Email: gro.htlaehlevelteerts|ofni#gro.htlaehlevelteerts|ofni
Office hours are Mon, Wed, Thurs, Fri 9am-5pm (NOT THE SAME AS CLINIC HOURS)

Locations and Directions

3125 E 15th Street, Oakland CA 94601
-near Fruitvale BART (.4 miles, 8 minute walk)

Languages Available


Services and times (below)

General checkups (wellness screenings)

Basic diagnostic and treatment services for general checkups. Offer referrals for more complicated needs.

Open Monday, Wednesday, for FIRST COME FIRST SERVE DROP-IN
M: 10am - 1:30pm
W: 12pm - 5pm
-will see first 10 clients, so get there a bit earlier to be safe

-all days: English, Spanish, Mongoli, Nepali
-Wednesday only: Mam, Chinese, Vietnamese
-can call ahead to arrange other translation services

Mental Health

Safe space to share experiences and counselor to help create plans to address issues in lives
-can also receive assistance navigating resources for issues such as substance abuse, violence prevention, and support groups

Open Monday, Wednesday, Thursday for DROP-IN
M: 11am - 4pm
W: 11am - 4pm
Th: 4pm - 7pm

-all days: Spanish
-Thursdays: English

Wellness Consultations (Herbalist and nutritionist)

FIRST 5 CLIENTS (BE THERE EARLY) can get an individual appointment to discuss diet, exercise, stress, etc. to support health and wellness. Herbs, tea, supplements provided free of charge.
-Monday, Wednesday, Thursday (specific hours not listed online)

Social service navigation assistance (case management)

Entry point for immigrant community members unfamiliar with local systems of health, social, community resources.
-legal, education, job referrals
-social services
-emergency food/shelter
-domestic violence support
-and more

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