Stat Med Urgent Care


Stat Med Urgent Care is an urgent care clinic with two Contra Costa locations that is expensive, but has a huge variety of urgent care services with drop in/almost no wait times. Walk-in urgent care 7 days/week staffed by ER physicians. This is a great referral for people with money who need something done FAST.


Phone: (925) 297-6396
-very thorough with lots of information

Locations and Directions

Two Contra Costa locations: one in Lafayette and one in Concord/Pleasant Hill (note that this is based on a site visit to the Lafayette location).

Lafayette: 970 Dewing Ave, Suite 100B, Lafayette, CA 94549
-roughly 5 minute walk from Lafayette BART
-ADA accessible
-has a parking lot

How to/who Get Services (Appt/Walk-In)

Walk in, no wait when I was there. Total in/out time might be around an hour.
-see anyone, including travelers, kids and uninsured (though might be very expensive)

Hours of Operation

M-F: 8am-8pm
Sat/Sun, Holidays: 9am-5pm
-take last patient roughly 30 minutes before closing

Languages Available



Most urgent care needs, can be an alternative to ER but not for life threatening emergencies.
-common illnesses (allergies, strep throat, ear infections, headaches, etc.)
-routine care (TB tests, physicals, medication refills)
-respiratory problems
-injuries or accidents (stitches, fractures, locations, sprains, minor burns, etc.)
-UTI, OB/GYN care
-bites, rashes, skin conditions
-blood tests (cholesterol, blood glucose)
-on site labs and x-ray


Definitely not a cheap place, but does take most insurance. Accept many private insurance plans and MediCare, but not MediCal. They claim to offer "significant discounts to cash paying patients" who are uninsured, and they can work out payment plans. Claim to be 80% cheaper than the ER in some cases. However, their baseline prices are extremely high.

Observations of space from site visit

-very clean and nice space, quiet, well maintained
-children's books and brochures available in the lobby
-clients were asked for ID when I was there

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