San Francisco City Impact

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PHONE NUMBER: (415) 738-6878 (voicemail)

LOCATION: 140 Turk St., San Francisco, CA

HOURS: M - F 9:30a - 1:30p, Sun: house call within the Tenderloin district

SERVICES: Urgent care, general medicine, cardiology, diabetes & nutrition, podiatry, dermatology, ophthalmology/optometry(Glass made onsite), clinical psychology, pediatrics, dental services (Although chair is broken as of 3/21/16), Prescription for medication No pharmacy. Patient Advocate. Will help patients getting MediCal through mediCal office

COST/INSURANCE: FREE, no documents required.

NOTES: Walk-ins. Call (415) 738-6878 or email moc.tcapmiyticfs|tppahtlaeh#moc.tcapmiyticfs|tppahtlaeh.

More Info

SF City Impact is a Christian organization, and the medical section is tucked behind their church space. They hold two services, which the client may have to walk through to get to the medical services.

They house quite a lot of specialists, but the specialists only come about once per month. Schedules vary and the waiting time may be long. No one is turned away from services.

Waiting times run from 15 minutes to an hour, and there are always two nurses on staff. They see about 20-25 patients per day. They also have two meals per day and social services that can help with other issues. No documents required.

Services NOT seen

Long term, chronic conditions are referred out to St. Anthony's which is right around the corner.


Fairly accessible, located on first floor.


Right by Civic Center BART station and a lot of bus lines.

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