Lifelong Medical Care

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PHONE NUMBER: 510-981-4100 (patient services)

LOCATION:2031 Sixth St, Berkeley

HOURS: Monday - Friday 8:30am - 5:00pm

New patients must call member services to start receiving services at any Lifelong Clinic, including:
Berkeley Primary Care, Berkeley Urgent Care (NEW! More info below), Dental Clinic, Downtown Oakland, Over 60 Health Center, and West Berkeley Family Practice


NEW health center in Ashby opened!
Recently took over Brookside Community Health Center Clinics in CCC
The Member Services Department also will screen for eligibility for diff. types of insurance

Length of time until first Appt. varies

Lifelong Urgent Care - Berkeley

Lifelong Immediate/Urgent Care
2001 Dwight Way
Berkeley, CA
M-F: 10PM to 6PM
Sa: 10AM to 6PM

Payments accepted:
MediCal, MediCare, Covered CA (?), insurance, cash, credit card, and sliding scale is available for the uninsured

They can help with the usual medical issues that need attention but doesn't necessarily warrant an ER trip or those that can't wait until they can see their primary care. Example: sprains, UTIs. They also do drop-in STI tests (sliding scale cost $45-75$). If patient cannot pay at time of service and/or does not have their proof of income, patient will get billed and will be asked to provide proof of income to pay the appropriate sliding scale fee at a later time.

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