Highland Hospital Urgent Care

Wall Card Info


  • 510-437-4800 Hospital mainline operator
  • 510-437-8500 Same day/ Urgent Care
  • 510-437-5050 Nurse Triage 7am-3pm Mon-Fri


  • 1411 East 31st street, Oakland, CA. @ Their new pavilion building. ground floor (which is also 4th floor)

Clinic Hour: 8am-5pm Mon-Fri. 8an-4:30pm Sat, 8:30am-4pm Sun. Phone line opens at 6am Mon-Sat, 7am at Sun


  • Non-Emergent, illness or injuries: (Similar to BFC but covers more such as including intestinal problems)


  • They accept government Insurance: MediCal, Health Pac (for undocumented immigrants), temporarily MediCal, United Health Care (from MediCaid & MediCare programs), Cigna (from MediCaid & MediCare programs).
  • Private Insurance: Not many. They might accept PPO with out of net work plan. They don't accept HMO.
  • There is no debt forgiveness and no sliding scale.
  • If patients start a payment plan with the hospital, they might qualify for 50% off the payment (Depending on their income status)
  • They are not charity/Free Clinic as mentioned by several financial counselors. So they will send unpaid bills to the collection agency.
  • All patients: Need “pair source” such as medical. The hospital will help patients signing up insurance. If so, they might ask for $200-$300 or more deposit depending on the procedure.


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