Highland Hospital Emergency Room

Wall Card Info


  • 510-437-4800 Hospital mainline operator
  • 510-437-4564/ 510-437-4559 Emergency Room
  • 510-437-5050 Nurse Triage 7am-3pm Mon-Fri


  • 1411 East 31st street, Oakland, CA. @ Their main building. ground floor (which is also 4th floor)

Clinic Hour: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


  • Emergency situation. life threatening illness or injuries
  • Treats dental emergency and non life threatening issues when other department is not open. But they triage so if your situation can wait, they will stabilize you, give you pain medication and send you home .


  • They don't require ID or proof of income at the emergency room. This is the best option for patients who can not afford to pay for the bill.
  • They accept government Insurance: MediCal, Health Pac (for undocumented immigrants), temporarily MediCal, United Health Care (from MediCaid & MediCare programs), Cigna (from MediCaid & MediCare programs).
  • Private Insurance: Not many. They might accept PPO with out of net work plan. They don't accept HMO.
  • There is no debt forgiveness and no sliding scale.
  • If patients start a payment plan with the hospital, they might qualify for 50% off the payment (Depending on their income status)
  • They are not charity/Free Clinic as mentioned by several financial counselors. So they will send unpaid bills to the collection agency.


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