There are multiple Planned Parenthood locations in the Bay Area—you can search by city or zipcode, and schedule an appointment online.

Some caveats to Planned Parenthood:
Clients will be asked to provide address and phone number! If client doesn't have one, have them ask to be routed directly to the center where they want services to set up the appointment. Also, Planned Parenthood requires that you identify as either male or female on their intake form :|

Paying for OB/GYN services

  • If visiting Planned Parenthood, you can get help signing up for FamilyPACT—the process takes about 5 minutes and if you are eligible you can receive free OB/GYN services (e.g. birth control, UTI/yeast infection office visits). Note: these services do not cover abortions. You can sign up with any approved provider. Find one by zipcode on their website.

By Location

Alameda County
Contra Costa
San Francisco

By Service

If nothing comes up in the county, check out Access Women's Health Justice which specializes in referring and linking people to the services they need. Their website has a bunch of useful links, or you can call 1-800-376-4636 (English) or 1-888-442-2237 (Spanish)!


Services: medical abortions, annual exam, pap smears and pelvis exams, breast exams and mammogram referrals, birth control, emergency contraception, pregnancy testing, STI screening and treatment, prenatal care, COLPOSCOPY, acupuncture, integrated mental health

Services: Abortion pill, post-abortion follow-up exams

Services: Abortion pill, abortion, sedation options, post-abortion follow-up exams

Services: Abortion pill

Services: Abortion pill (up to 10 weeks of last menstrual period), surgical abortion (up to 13 weeks of last menstrual period)

Services: Abortion, abortion pill, non-surgical abortion

Services: Surgical abortion (up to 23 weeks of gestation), Medication (pill) abortion

  • Family Planning Specialists Medical Group - CLOSED DOWN

Emergency Contraception

  • This emergency contraception website Has information about EC and where you can find it close to your address. *You can also try two hotlines: Not2Late: 1-888-668-2528 or the Emergency Contraception Pharmacy Hotline: 800-323-1336.
  • Emergency Contraception is now available over the counter at chain drugstores. It can be expensive—up to $50 for one or two doses.
  • Lower cost options will be available at community clinics, like Planned Parenthood, Women's Community Clinic, City of Berkeley Public Health Center, and Lyon-Martin Health Services.

Contraception & Family Planning

Services: Birth control, emergency contraception, pregnancy testing and options counseling

Services: Oral contraceptives, OrthoEvra transdermal patch, NuvaRing, Depo-Provera contraceptive injection, Mirena (5-year IUD), ParaGard (10-year IUD), Implanon (single stick implant).
Note: This clinic is inside San Francisco General Hospital. Scroll down on the website, linked to above, to find information on the clinic.

Services: Emergency contraception, birth control counseling and dispensing, condom dispensing, pregnancy testing and counseling

Services: Pre-conception and reproductive life planning, emergency birth control, prescription and dispensing of various birth control methods, pregnancy testing and counseling.

Services: Family planning services, counseling regarding contraception and birth control, pregnancy counseling, testing and referral services, STI exams.

Gynecological Care

Services: Pap tests, vaginitis and UTI treatment, management of menstrual abnormalities, menopausal management. This clinic also does family planning, including IUD placement and removal, HIV testing, breast/chest heatlh care, transgender-specific services including hormone therapy, mental health counseling, vaccinations, and chronic disease management.
Cost: Accepts MediCare, MediCal, and private insurance. Uninsured patients may be eligible for sliding scale fee based on income and family size.
Address: 1748 Market St, Suite 201, San Francisco
Appt: Call 415-565-7667

Services: Vaginal infections, menstrual cramps, missed or irregular periods, premenstrual syndrome (PMS), Urinary Incontinence, Urinary Tract Infections, Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) Treatment, pap smears, pelvic exams, breast exams and mammogram referrals, prenatal care, menopausal care, colposcopy, primary care services, "annual exam" acupuncture, referrals.
Cost: This clinic is for low-income people without insurance, with inadequate insurance, or with Medi-Cal.
Make an Appt.: Call 415-379-7800

Services: Pap smears, cervical colposcopy for women with abnormal pap smears.


  • Birthways
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