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CVS Minute Clinic, Walgreens, Walmart & Costco all have wellness clinics that do immunizations & primary cares. They also treat minor illness (skin condition,Flu), physicals, TB test, Vaccines (Tdap & etc)
Walgreens is cheaper than CVS. Costco is also cheap but might require membership card. Not all the stores offer clinical services.

(CVS pricing on website), (CVS minute clinic locator) Locations include Walnut Creek, Mountain View, Burlingame, and San Jose.
(Walgreen website)
(Walmart website)
(Costco website)

Long-term Primary Care

Community Primary Care Medical Centers
If a client is enrolled in a primary care medical center, then they can usually get immunizations through them. Asian Health Services, La Clinica, Lifelong, Native American, Tri-City, etc. These centers often help clients sign up for insurance if they don't have any or are sliding scale.
Private Sources of Primary Care
Clients may be enrolled in other health centers like Kaiser, Sutter, University Health Services, or a private practice which provide immunizations. These sources of primary care often have requirements such as already having insurance, charge subscription fees, require clients to be a student if it's a university health center, or only accept out-of-pocket payments.

By location

Alameda County

*Click here for a list of Alameda County immunization clinics, and check the ACPHD website for a more up-to-date list]

* Ann Chandler Public Health Clinic (Website) has immunizations for kids and adults, Monday Tuesday (9-11 am, 1-4 pm) and Thursday (2-4 pm). $17 to 25, although it also says no one will be turned away due to inability to pay. DROP IN- first come first serve. Only for people who don't have insurance.
*Kerry's Kids Head Start
(Website) Provides well-child care, immunizations, and minor acute care for children at the Berkeley YMCA and other mobile locations. They also have a dental clinic. Check their website for upcoming clinic dates, immunization clinics are usually the second Wednesday of the month from 5:45-7:45 pm (sign in by 6:30). Address: 2009 10th St Berkeley.

  • Oakland
    • ACPHD at the Family Justice Center. (510) 267-3230, 470 27th Street, Oakland. Thursday walk ins from 1-4pm, vaccines for children, some for adults. Free and no residency requirement.
    • Eastmont Catch-up Clinic, (Info Here) run by ACPHD, offers free immunizations every 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month, 1-3 pm. 510-577-7080, 6995 Foothill Blvd., #200, Oakland. Walk-ins only, limited spots. Tdap, HepB, MMR for adults. TB for children. There is very little information about this clinic. I would recommend that a person use it only if they live nearby so they don't waste their time.
    • Asian Health Services. Vaccines and TB skin testing for children and adults. You must be a member, however. Call to become a member: 510-986-6880.
    • Concentra Medical Offices. (510) 465-9565, 384 Embarcadero West, 1st Floor, Oakland. They should offer a wide range of vaccines, but they won't be free. Check online to see which insurance they accept.
    • Hawthorne Clinic. (510) 535-6440, 1700 28th Ave, Oakland. Vaccines and TB skin tests for children only. Membership required.
    • John Konstantin (510) 530-5400, 2584 MacArthur Blvd., Oakland. Vaccines, physicals, and TB skin tests for adults only. Walk-ins M-F 10am-4pm. $30: physical only; $30: TB Test; $50: Physical & TB.
    • Prescott-Joseph Center. (510) 835-8683, 920 Peralta St, West Oakland. TB screening, flu shots, and some immunizations. Open the second Monday of the month from 1-3pm.
    • West Oakland Health Center. (510) 835-9610, 700 Adeline St, Oakland. TB Testing, immunizations (and other health services) for adults and children. Sounds like you need to be a member but call for more information.
    • Passport Health Bay Area. Medical services for traveling. (510) 564-4251, 8105 Edgewater Drive, Suite 200, Oakland. Various other Bay Area locations.
  • Walnut Creek
    • CVS Minute Clinic (Website). (Walnut Creek). They do take insurance, and see a variety of things for adults and children over 18 months!!! M-F 9-6:30, weekends from 9-5:30 although get there fifteen minutes before close to be seen. Lunch is from 2-3 pm (1-2 during weekend).
  • San Francisco.

FDA doesn't approve of people under 50 getting the shingles…perhaps useful information.

  • Family Justice Center. (Oakland) 470 27th St. Thursdays only, from 1-4 pm. no charge if over 50!

Contra Costa County

  • CVS Minute Clinic (Website). (Walnut Creek). (866) 389-2727, 738 BANCROFT ROAD, WALNUT CREEK, CA 94598 M-F 9-6:30, although get there before 6:15 to get seen. Saturday/Sunday from 9:00 AM - 5:30 PM. Closed during lunch. Ranges from $50-150/shot it seems like.
  • Can call 1-800-246-2494 for additional times and locations than what is listed below. (varies weekly) Or to speak with someone, call the Immunization Program at 925-313-6767.

Contra Costa has drop-in Public Health Immunization Clinics, open one afternoon each week in Brentwood, Pittsburg, Richmond and Concord. Closed on holidays, no checks, American Express, or Discover. Reduced cost, cannot take private health insurance OR MediCal. First come first serve. Does not seem to include TB. If uninsured 19+ adult, fees are waivable for three immunizations listed above- otherwise $15.

  • Brentwood, 171 Sand Creek Road, Suite A, 1 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. Mondays
  • Concord, 2355 Stanwell Circle, Concord, 1 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. Fridays
  • Pittsburg, 2311 Loveridge Road, 1 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. Tuesdays
  • Richmond, 39th Street & Bissell Avenue, First floor, 1 p.m. to 4:30 p.m., Thursdays

Travel Vaccinations
Contra Costa has a Public Health Travel Clinic. :O. Malaria prescriptions and medications are not provided. Appointment only on Friday mornings. Call 925-313-6488 to schedule an appointment. Payment at time of service. Cash, debit, credit card, or if on Contra Costa Health Plan, bring insurance ID card. Visit site for costs. (Does not seem very reduced cost….)

CVS Minute Clinic. (Website) (Walnut Creek). (866) 389-2727, 738 BANCROFT ROAD, WALNUT CREEK, CA 94598 M-F 9-6:30, although get there before 6:15 to get seen. Saturday/Sunday from 9:00 AM - 5:30 PM. Closed during lunch. Has a lot of different types of vaccinations.

San Francisco County


  • Childrens Health Center at SFGH, 1001 Potrero Avenue (Rm 6M5), (415) 206-8376. *Children Under Age 18 Only


TB Cheat Sheet
Immunication Cheatsheet
List of places to get immunizations from Alameda County. Includes places for flu shot!
A printable list of Community Immunization Providers can be found at the bottom of the linked page. In spanish as well!



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