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Paying for Healthcare

HealthPAC if someone doesn't quality for health insurance because of citizenship, primarily. Or if can't afford health insurance.

If they can, then definitely recommend they sign up through Covered California.
Assisters in Oakland

Alameda has a handy dandy search engine that searches by service, insurance/coverage, age, address, language. Search by Oakland! Lots of things will come up…

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County clinics

These clinics are part of the Alameda health system, funded directly by the county. In general, the waitlist for these clinics seems to be longer than the community clinics below. But lots of services! Probably ideal for someone that can wait a month or so. Have to be an Alameda County resident.

  • Eastmont Wellness in Oakland. A more concise summary of services. New patients should call the ACMC Ambulatory Call Center at (510-437-8500).

Community clinics

  • Asian Health Services in Oakland. They have a pretty long waitlist, so may not be the best one to recommend unless a client can only speak an Asian language.
  • La Clinica has so many sites! In Alameda, they are mostly in Oakland it looks like, although there are more options if a teen. To register, call the health center you would like to be seen at- usually will need to go in person. Will need some paperwork. Will help you enroll in Covered California.
  • LifeLong Medical Care. You MUST call 510-981-4100 for services. Has clinics in Berkeley and Oakland mainly, although they also have school based clinics.
  • Native American Health Center has general medical services in Oakland. If no insurance, there may be programs to help. To make an appointment, call 510-535-4400.
  • West Oakland Health Council has locations in Berkeley and Oakland. Need to be an Alameda County resident. Locations in Berkeley offer only adult medical services. Call the desired service site to register.
  • Healthy Oakland Save a Life Wellness Clinic. At 2580 San Pablo Avenue, Oakland, CA 94612. As of September 2014, they are not accepting any new patients except those referred from West Oakland Health Council. However, if needing a TB test, or physical, they can still do that! Call 510-444-9144 to set up an appointment, or drop in M-Th, starting from 4:30!!!!
  • Piedmont Primary Care. Locations in Oakland, Piedmont, and Concord! Their oakland number is (510) 594-7400. Do a whole number of things, Primary care, acute care, in-office basic surgeries (ie. stich removal, cyst removal, abcesses), take insurance including MediCare and Medi-Cal. They do walk in and same-day appointments, bring photo ID.


  • West Oakland Health Center does seem to provide 'drop-in' services. Call (510) 302-3733 or (510) 302-3792, between 7 am to 9 am to schedule a same day appointment. Open to everyone, but if you don't have insurance, they will try to find a financial program or sign you up for Medi-Cal. Unclear if they help you sign up.
  • Healthy Oakland Save a Life Wellness Clinic has drop-in M-Th, from 4:30 to see stuff such as TB, physicals, etc. Any primary care stuff, you have to already be a patient.

Fee for Service

  • Concentra. Depends on service. Seems to be more reasonable than Access health, at least going by TB. Also a $10 off coupon from their website. (Also takes insurance!) Appointments only it looks like, with more information about what to bring.
    • For Oakland location at 384 Embarcadero W, Oakland, CA, call (510) 465-9565
  • Terra Nova Medical Center (Oakland) Starts at 75. (510) 534-5331, located at 3608 International Blvd, Oakland, California 94601
  • Access Health (Oakland) Starts at 90. More detailed fee schedule. No insurance accepted. Located inside Milagros de Mexico, a supermarket! At 3351 International Blvd. Oakland, CA 94601. 510.500.9058. Can either walk in or call, although seems to like scheduling an appointment. CLOSED.
  • Piedmont Primary Care. Location in Piedmont. Their Piedmont number is (510) 428-4900. Do a whole number of things, Primary care, acute care, in-office basic surgeries (ie. stich removal, cyst removal, abcesses), take insurance BUT NO MEDI-CAL. Appointment only. Initial consult at $150, plus any additional charge.


  • Order of Malta (Oakland). Takes a few weeks to get an appointment!
  • Street Level Health Project clinics. Street Level’s free health screenings are open to anyone without health insurance. We offer basic diagnostic and treatment services, as well as referrals for primary, specialty and urgent care. Our services are available without regard to ethnicity, race, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, country of origin or ability to pay. Drop-in Health Screening Clinic: Mondays: 10:00am to 1:30pm, Wednesdays: 12:00pm to 5:00pm, Thursdays: 3:30pm to 6:30pm. Languages Spoken: Spanish, English, Nepali, and Mongolian (Mon/Wed only). Wednesday only: Mam, Chinese and Vietnamese. 2501 International Boulevard • Oakland, CA 94601. Tel: 510-533-9906


Some people often can make it over to Berkeley.

Other Services



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