Wiki Workday Instructions 8/8

We are just going to updating the various organizations. YAY! First, sign in. And then, to find an organization to work on, you can go to the Suggestions page on the left hand menu. You can also go to the bottom page menu, and click Site Tools. A menu should fold out, and list "Wanted Pages". Please pick an organization that interests you.

Typically, a blank page that says, page not found, please click to create the page. Click the link, and you've made a page!! Title it as appropriate. To fill it out, go to the home page, where there is a link to Organization Template. When on that page, click "Edit this page" at the top. Select all, and then copy/paste into the organization page you are working on.

Fill out the details. If the organization is open today, please call.

Click save and you are done with the page! The next thing you have to do is to make sure other people can find it. There are two ways to do this- tags, and by linking each page appropriately.
To tag a page, go to the bottom right menu, and hit tags. Simply write the tags, separated by a space. For an organization page, you should always put at least "org" and the city and county.

To link a page, go to the service that is appropriate. You might have to also click through location (such as physicals in alameda). To link a page, use this format: "[[[" (whatever is after bayareacommunityresources.wikidot.com/) "|" and then what you want to show up, and then another series of triple brackets to close it.

Organization pages

made through the organization template, located on the home page, towards the top. Under Announcements for some reason.
tag each organization page with “org”, the location, and services if useful. The page should be made by writing org:organization name.

If organizations have different programs and different ways to sign up for services, you may create a suborganization page. Please use this format when linking/creating the page: org:org-name:service


If you have any announcements, please also include a date, and perhaps also when the removal is appropriate. This is true for announcements on organization pages as well! Feel free to change the text size to [["size xx-large"]] announcement [["/size"]]. (Just remove quotation marks).

Site Organization

subject vs. organization page
Modeled somewhat after Yaels binder- depending on how many referrals each subject page has, it may be further split by location (usually county) and also sub- subject- HIV.
At the bottom are location links: these pages just automatically populate with pages tagged with those locations. (I don’t know how useful this is, so we can change this).

How to search the wiki

use links on home page
google; site:bayareacommunityresources.wikidot.com

Editing the wiki

Much of the main structure is already in place; most pages simply need additional info to be added to. To edit, simply click the edit tabs at the top and the bottom; most of the formatting can be done through the handy boxes at the top of the edit box.

If you edit a organization page, you might have to update the rest of the pages where it shows up! To do this, go to the bottom right menu and hit the +Options link. The Backlinks tool will list the pages that link to the page you're on.

To Link

to link to another website, use [], need to include entire web address (http://…)
to link to another page, use page title
to link to a part of page, need to use anchors. , and then link to it through title
making a new page
first link to it, from relevant page.
click on the link, which should be red.

In the meantime, here is some useful information about this project site and how it's been set-up.

This is an wiki based on the wiki-template.wikidot.com site. These Wikidot users contributed to the making of the open source wiki template:

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